Fight the Empire


What is Familia About? 

Familia follows four protagonists through a journey to retake their homeland. The game’s style is highly influenced by 90s style Japanese role-playing games like Final Fantasy 1-6. If you sign up for the list, you will receive updates about the game via email. Updates will include free beta versions of the game. 


Family is Everything

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Key Features

  • Expansive story
  • Original music by acclaimed musicians  
  • Original pixel art and digital paintings
  • An innovative experience, calling on classic RPG elements 
  • Game+ mode for multiple replays and end-game content 
  • Episodic format – the story will continue 


This game’s development has been streaming on Twitch regularly. If you want to check me out:


Visit the Familia Steam Page

Support the Game 

Like any indie game, Familia is being crafted on limited resources. Help us out by purchasing this awesome shirt or donating below!

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