Familia Sightings

Dev Team

Joseph Abraham

Born in 1983 in Maui, Joseph moved to California after high school. Joseph has been a web developer since 1999 when highschool. He became interested in game development in the third quarter of 2019 and started working on Familia almost immediately.

Joseph also serves as a part-time teacher for an organization called STEMworks. While interacting with his middle-school students, he remembers scolding a student for playing Undertale during class. After digging deeper, Joseph found that kids are very interested in retro games and this sparked his interest in becoming a solo-game-developer.

Familia is a solo developed title. This means that the vast majority of the work to make the game comes from an individual. A solo dev can be differentiated from an indie dev because sometimes indie developers can have teams numbering in the hundreds.

Sjoerd Provoost

Prov is a young artist from the Netherlands. He is interested in making art for games specifically. Prov created the magnificent portrait art featured in Familia. After speaking to dozens of artists, and viewing thousands of pieces, Joseph found Prov on the discord server of his favorite streamer.

The Young Wild

The game features an original song used with permission from The Young Wild. Listen to more of their music on Spotify. The Young Wild frontman and songwriter, Bryan B. William, has been a close friend with Joseph since Bryan was in middle school, and Joseph was in high school. They have both performed together and collaborated on dozens of creative projects.

Kanoa Kukaua

Kanoa and Joseph have been friends since Joseph was a child together. They played for several years together in a popular local band called Gomega. Joseph played drums and Kanoa sang and played guitar. Recently Kanoa has been working on music production. Though Kanoa has worked with hundreds of artists in both performance and production, Familia is Kanoa’s video game music debut.

A Special Thank You

Eventing and Javascript

Donators and Testers

CZGaming10, ZecilG, Drunk Breakfast Gaming, HawkZombie, Erik Garriot, Darlene Lacno De Mello, Zach Muir, Naim Ferguson, VEtheGoth, and everyone else who has helped with the project.

Plugins and Code

Yanfly, Hime, Galv, SRD, Orangeworks, Eshleman, Nikkikaji, Damien, and more.


Vibrato, FSM pack, Hiddenone, and more.

Send a message if I missed someone who should be mentioned in this thank you list.