The History of Anaconia

A thousand years ago, the world of Anaconia was riddled with war. Feudal kingdoms ravished the land. All were left destitute. When all hope was lost, a mysterious band of warriors known as The Riders appeared. The Riders established a balance of power, creating a lasting peace throughout the land.

After establishing a Pact of Nations, the Riders vanished, never to be seen again. Some believed they settled down and led normal lives in secret. Some believed they protected the world, as unseen heroes.

After nearly a thousand years of peace, the nation of Draconia aggressively expanded its territory breaking the Pact of Nations. During that time, in the tropical regions on Anaconda lived a small island culture of warrior monks. The island was known to outsiders as Kalbi. In response to the Draconian expansion, the Kalbians founded a new nation.

The Kingdom of Kalbi was and is a considerable military force. Kalbi negotiated a treaty with Draconia, in which Kalbians would serve the Draconians as soldiers. In exchange, Draconia agreed to not expand their territory.

The omen of war is on the horizon. If only the Riders would return and save the world in this time of great need.


Lono Huang

Originally, Lono was known to be a harsh and calloused general. However, after hitting in head injury, he became carefree, regularly making jokes. He has a bit of trouble thinking clearly sometimes but has no trouble fighting. 

Sero the Tattered

A powerful and mysterious sage, Sero is both wise and unpredictable. The old man cares little for cleanliness. He is more agile than most men in their prime. 

Koko Huang

Koko tries her best to hide her feelings and is afraid others will think she is fragile. She certainly is not a prodigy in martial arts, being somewhat clumsy. She is ever-optimistic that she will grow to peer the skills of her parents.

Poki Huang

Poki hates being treated like a child, yet he has much to learn. He is not quite old enough to join the military at the age of 16. He believes himself to be a much better martial artist than most perceive him to be. He constantly trains and seeks to become stronger, when he’s not obligatorily watching his sister.

Keeria Huang

Keeria is a mother who has a shrouded and dark past. She is known as the world’s greatest assassin, though she hates that title. She has found peace with her Family life. Prior to the events of Familia, she had planned never to fight again.